Glenview Team Building 101


“Talent wins us games but intelligence and teamwork wins us championships”. This is a famous quote said by Michael Jordan.

Teamwork is a process which involves two or more individuals with a certain set of skills and knowledge working together to complete a certain task. Thus in order to achieve a certain goal building a team is the first step one should take.


Like everything has a good side and a bad side Team Building in Glenview Illinois too has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages mainly include:


  • Improvement in communication skills

  • Relationship building

  • Development in skills

  • Taking responsibilities

  • Faster completion of work

  • Efficient working


The disadvantages are:

  • Certain individuals tend to rely mostly on others to complete the work

  • In spite of being good individually, some people do not bond well with the team

  • Certain people may be dissatisfied with their working environment

  • Restrictions and constraints might get the team negative feelings about the work

  • Conflict among members

  • Too much focus leads to limited creative thinking


These are certain things we should keep in mind while building a team here in Glenview.


Every Illinois team needs a leader who guides the other members through the whole work process. Leadership is a quality which at times decides the fate of the team. The leader is the decision maker. He needs to take the right decisions at the right time keeping in mind the welfare of the team and the fulfillment of the job. If a leader fails to deliver the whole team fails. This is quite evident in all fields may it be sports or business.


There are some major criteria we should be aware of while building a team


  • We need to find the strengths and weakness of individual members of the team and assign them work accordingly

  • We should encourage healthy relationships among members and help people to get along when they are having conflicts among themselves

  • A proper leader should be elected who is confident and capable enough to cope with the decision making part and in the process can guide his team forward to success

  • Ground rules should be set about how our approach towards our work should be

  • Members should be encouraged and should be given assurance that they will be provided immense support from higher levels

  • It should be made sure that each and every member understands the importance of their work

  • We should set goals which are achievable


Success comes through hard work. Our hard work must be effective. We should omit the ‘we can’t do it’ attitude and instead bring on our traditional Illinois  ‘how can we do it?’ attitude.

As they say here in Glenview “individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean”.


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