A Bike Build with a Mini Bike Kit

Mini bike kits are quite sweet due to the fact that the main concept behind them is the do it yourself characteristics. They can be great projects especially for strengthening a father son relationship. If your son is into pocket bikes or go karts and you are looking for a way to bond with him, then a bike build using a mini bike kit can be a good way to start. It is an excellent choice as it is less expensive than buying one that is fully assembled. The experience will be different depending on the kit you use.  

Mini bike frames

You may need to consider a mini bike frame since the kit you purchase may not come with a mini bike frame. A frame is the main part of the bike as it is used to attach the seat, wheels and so forth. The frame should be the starting point where you will attach other parts and accessories when you are build a bike. If the kit does not have a frame, you will need to get a frame that is compatible with the parts in the kit.  

Kit with engine

It is not a guarantee that the kit you get will come with an engine. You should make sure you choose one with an engine if you want to do a bike build that has an engine. The good thing about a bike engine is that it is not as costly as a car’s engine. There are any resources on bike engines and motors for small and large bikes on the internet. Such resources can give you the best information on where you can get the best engines and the ones that will suit the type of bike you want to build. The same resources will have information on the motors / engines that last long and are easy to maintain.  

Mix and match parts

It is right to state that you can match and mix the parts you use when you are building a mini bike. Though this is an option, it is advisable to use the same branded parts when you are building a bike. The reason behind this is that you may have problems fitting parts from different brands. For example, the motor from one manufacturer might not fit the frame of a different manufacturer. Manufacturers test and make sure that the parts they manufacture are compatible. This means that it will be advisable to use a measuring tape if you plan to match and mix your parts. You will need to measure everything to make sure they will fit. This is the only way you can do a bike build endeavor will succeed.  

Parts replacement

If you have a part that breaks down when you are building a bike, it is wise to replace it as you are building the bike. This is the best time as you will know what part goes where and how to remove and replace the part. With such information in mind, you will find that it is easier to do a bike build using a mini kit.

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