Bicycle Team Building – An Activity That Makes Sense

When it comes to disciplining your staff to increase their level of team work, then you have to be more organized in planning it. There are several strategies to disciplining your employees and bringing them together. They include management lessons, internal coaching and mentoring, team building activities etc. Among these the more practical and fun activities that have hands on results are team building activities, especially bicycle team building, being a great one.

What actual science is behind the activity:
In this activity the employees are told to form a team and do a a bike build. Now, as because most common man do not know the mechanics and procedure to build bicycles, they will be confused at first, that from where to start. Even if they are given the instruction manual, which is obviously given, then also it takes them minutes to figure out how to proceed. Thus, team work and the need for huddles arise, where you can discuss your points and exchange ideas with other members. This is the actually science behind this activity. The initiation of the interaction between members of a team, who actually never interacted or communicated before, is the result of the activity. It’s the activity, the fun and strategic planning involved in it that brings the members closer, melting the ice between them slowly.

Why bicycle building is better than other activities:
The job has another great plus point. Funny yet true is the fact, that a complete layman on bikes, suddenly gets to know how bicycles are made.  No matter which background he comes from; this sudden mechanical achievement acts to give him a great morale boost. It’s actually more than an activity, as a bicycle building team event actually brings out the craftsman in you. The fun of creating something which is useful, and can meet the needs of a real needy person is one in a thousand. Thus bike building activity is getting popular with time because of the effective team building values it teaches and the feeling of achievement it imparts.



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