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Bicycle Team Building Events is one of the original charity team building providers.

We specialize in both small group and large group events, with cost-effective price points to meet your budget!


We not only provide bicycle team building workshops for both Fortune 500 and Mom-and-Pop shops alike, we have a myriad of other charity team building workshops to choose from. 



As one of the original bicycle team building events, we've delivered hundreds of team building workshops and helped thousands of people build a bike for charity!


Puttin Pantry

Build and play a miniature golf course from non-perishable food items which are then donated to a local food bank



Your team will build wheelchairs for local senior centers and the Wheels for the World organization.


Wagon Builders

Assemble wagons which can then optionally be filled with goods for a local children's charity


Rescue Buddies

The original "Teddy Bear Team Building" workshop - your team assembles stuffed animals which are then given to first responders, firemen, or police for use with children in distressed situations, or donated to a local children's hospital.


Mission Military Care

Teams compete in challenges to earn items which are put into military care packages and shipped to our men and women overseas.


Charity Giving Stations

Does your team want to "build stuff!" but without the learning aspect of our other team building workshops?  Charity Giving Stations lets them build to their heart's content!


Donate A Dinner

Teams earn points which are turned into meals for a local food bank


Not sure which workshop is right for you?

  Talk to one of our corporate specialists and let us help make your event a success!